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Quiet space

for laundry,

ironing or sewing

in a dedicated space. 



Papers, computer, homework,

that's enough to create a mess

in the house...

unless a room is dedicated to them.

25m2 ... to do what you want

This last room of 25m2 will allow
the creation of a games room,
an extra bedroom or
a professional space. 
Equipped with storage space and benefiting from a large picture window opening on the garden

P25 1.jpg
P25 2 (2).jpg
MY HOUSE IS FOR SALE -  Contact   HERE    336 10 28 01 86  /   208 000€ 

Pyrenean foothills - individual sells house 6 rooms (167 m2) / landscaped garden (1500 m2) / garages / outbuildings. 
Location: South-west France - Occitanie -Pyrenees - Haute -Garonne - 1 hour from Toulouse and Tarbes.

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